Endoscopic Surgery vs. Open Back Surgery

Many people who suffer from chronic back pain often choose surgery over continuing the use of painkillers. While stopping the use of painkillers is a step in the right direction, the type of surgery a person chooses can make a world of difference. A common type of surgery that many people choose is open back surgery; but even though it is common, is it really the best option?
Open back surgery is a complicated procedure. It requires that the patient “go under” with the use of anesthesia and have a large incision made down the back near the spine. While the patient does not feel it, this method can still cause trauma in his or her back. On top of this, recovery time for open back surgery can last up to several months. This can prohibit a patient from being completely active.  However, with minimally invasive endoscopic surgery, these issues are totally non-existent. Only a local anesthesia is used in the area of a small incision. Then, a small tube containing all the necessary surgical tools is inserted into the incision. The surgeon is then able to perform the procedure without causing any trauma or damage to the patient. Afterwards, the patient is able to go home on the same day as the procedure. Endoscopic surgery offers a much shorter recovery time than open back – as little as just a few weeks.
Dr. Sukdeb Datta has developed the eDiscSculpt™ Technique as a way to help patients that are battling chronic back pain. The benefits of this minimally invasive procedure are much greater than those open back surgery with none of the same downsides. Contact Datta Endoscopic today to make an appointment and begin your journey to a healthier, happier life.

Dr Datta offers a wide array of services from acupuncture to Endoscopic Spine Surgery. An appointment with Dr. Datta will put you in the right place to identify the issue and solution to eliminate pain and have your back solid, again. 

This blog is intended for informational purposes only and should not take the place of in-person medical treatment. The information conveyed here is not a medical recommendation. Consult Datta Endoscopic or your physician for a personalized medical diagnosis and treatment plan.

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